Wednesday, May 19, 2010

of blood, tears, and stuffy noses

I was run over by a truck yesterday. Or so it felt. Monday night, Grayson woke up about an hour into the night, crying like he was having a nightmare. After he couldn't calm himself back down, I went in, got him settled, and he fell back asleep.

15 minutes later, he was screaming again. My wife went in that time, tried to calm him down, did, and at that point we were both getting into bed (around 10:30, I think).

A few minutes later he cried out again, and we noticed his nose sounded stuffy, so she suctioned him out.

When she returned, she noticed some pink on her shirt, and assumed that the aspirator had given him a little nose bleed (happens from time to time, we avoid using it unless it's really bad- he's learned to blow his nose thankfully).

At about 11:30 she went in again because he was being fussy..turned on the light, and I hear commotion, an "oh my goodness", and my name being called. Now, I really wish I'd taken a picture, but his sheets had blood all over them and he looked like a boxer that had been punched in the mouth. At some point during the times he'd woken up (or perhaps he did it in his sleep and that woke him up?) he managed to bite not one side, but both sides of his inner cheek. I'm talking huge chunks. So the inside of his mouth was really swollen and he was not happy. The initial pain must have gone away, because he didn't complain about it while up, but he couldn't sleep because he must have kept irritating it. Compound all of that with the fact that he's been drooling like a beast, so 2 year molars must be on the way, AND he had a very stuffy nose (I attribute to the teething). So, to sum up, we all had a tough night. I took him to see the doctor yesterday morning, and she said though it looked bad, the mouth heals really quickly, and she just told me to avoid certain foods, provide lots of cold foods, and give tylenol/motrin as needed. Everything seems to be okay now, with the exception of his stuffy nose. Fortunately, yesterday's nap and last night went perfectly fine. Now I have to catch up on things that did not get done yesterday because I was just too tired to do them.


MK said...

Poor thing!

MK said...

Just realized its been awhile since I heard from you... Hope everything is alright!